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Hall Of Shame

Stephen Baskerville
"The only thing crueler than tearing children from their parents is falsely leading children to believe that they are unloved by their fathers."

This page recognizes those Attorneys, Judges and others using, or helping others use the courts to commit emotional child abuse by denying children equal time with both parents. These people should be ashamed of their behavior.

I've started this list with some of the people who should be ashamed of their conduct in Liam's case but feel free to contact me to add others to the list or to add comments about the people on the list. You can click on the name of the person for more information about them including how to contact them to let them know they should be ashamed of themselves and stop committing acts of emotional child abuse.

Mr. Justice Black observed in Bridges v. California, 314 U.S.
"The assumption that respect for the judiciary can be won by shielding judges from published criticism wrongly appraises the character of American public opinion. An enforced silence, however limited, solely in the name of preserving the dignity of the bench, would probably engender resentment, suspicion, and contempt much more than it would enhance respect."
Dishonorable Paul F. Sheridan Virginia - Arlington County Circuit Court
Dishonorable R. Terrence Ney Virginia - Fairfax County Circuit Court
Dishonorable Bryan R. Hedges New York - Onondaga County Family Court
Dishonorable Randa Trapp California - San Diego County Superior Court
Dishonorable William W. Sharp Virginia - Warren, Page, Shenandoah, Rockingham, and Frederick, JD&R
Dishonorable Richard B. Potter Virginia - Prince William County Circuit Court
Dishonorable Rossie D. Alston Jr. Virginia - Prince William County Circuit Court
Dishonorable Leroy Francis Millette Jr. Virginia - Prince William County Circuit Court
Dishonorable Lon E. Farris Virginia - Prince William County Circuit Court
Dishonorable Gaylord Finch Jr. Virginia - Fairfax County Circuit Court
Justice Frankfurter agreed that speech cannot be punished simply "to protect the court as a mystical entity or the judges as individuals or as anointed priests set apart from the community and spared the criticism to which in a democracy other public servants are exposed."
Loretta Vardy
Chief Justice William Rehnquist, US Supreme Court
Justice is too important a matter to be left to the judges, or even to the lawyers; the American people must think about, discuss, and contribute to the future planning of their courts.
Ronald Wayne Fahy
Richard J. Byrd
Robert Machen
Janine Saxe
Fairfax County Bar Association Virginia - Fairfax County
Fairfax County Public Schools Virginia - Fairfax County
Prince William County Circuit Court Virginia - Prince William County
Roger Vanderhye Virginia - Fairfax County Public Schools
Cheri Smith Virginia - McLean