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Fairfax County Bar Association
White Collar Child Abuser

Richard Byrd - Child Abuser
Richard Byrd, Proud White Collar Child Abuser
and member of the Fairfax County Bar Association

The Fairfax County Bar Association should be ashamed of its involvement in helping emotionally abuse children (and parents). The right of children to have two parents is more important then the "right" of attorneys to buy a new boat, SUV, or home from the money they make by depriving a child of one parent or another.

If the Bar Association had any concern whatsoever for the welfare of children it would have supported rather than opposed the recent Virginia bills (HB2294 and SB1231) that would required shared parenting. Shared parenting would result in fewer court battles for custody, less trauma for children, more involvement with both parents, and more marital assets available to be spent on children.

With the current system no matter which parent "wins" in court the children always lose, but attorneys always profit by the conflict and wish to make it last as long as possible. In the New York Post, August 21, 1997 edition, Judge Jackie Silbermann, of New York matrimonial court, stated: "Unlike most civil cases, lawyers in matrimonial cases don't get a piece of the action. They are paid by the hour, so they want to keep the meter running. So they flood the court with motions which slows everything down and keeps their billing up."

By opposing the shared parenting bills both the Fairfax County Bar Association and Richard Byrd in particular, who spoke out against it, should be ashamed of themselves for putting their own greed ahead of the happiness and welfare of children.

Please contact me if you know of other children or parents who have been a victim of the Fairfax County Bar Association or its members. Perhaps a group of victims suing the Fairfax County Bar Association could make abusing children less profitable for them and convince them to embrace equal parenting instead of opposing it.

Send e-mail to various Fairfax County Bar Association members and let them know they should be ashamed of themselves. Contact Richard J. Byrd at his law office to let him know he should be ashamed rather than proud of his helping to abuse children.

     permission is granted to copy this page and post it on other web sites. Posting this page in other locations will help mothers (or fathers), attorneys, and judges understand that the only way to protect their reputation is to behave in an honorable manner and give up the notion that they can hide their misconduct with unconstitutional court orders to take down web sites.