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Liam and Wes at the Pumkin Pick
Liam and Wes at the 1999 Pumkin Pick at Numbers Thirteen Farm

I do not have the time or energy to respond to questions and/or requests for advice, so if you want advice from me here it is:

In Virginia most custody orders are written up BEFORE the hearing/testimony/arguments so no amount of effort or money spent on an that will help. Most orders are just zeroxed copies of the same order with the names filled in, meaning that nothing you are paying your attorney for makes any difference (unless you hire someone who should not ethically take the case, such as the spouse/partner/friend of the judge). Its all a sham to take your money, nothing else. The judge does not care about you or your children, but is a member of the same union as all attorneys. Most of the time the judge will rule in favor of what will make the most money for the Bar Association. You can handle the case without an attorney and get a custody order that takes away almost all of your time with your child, or you can spend tens of thousands of dollars on legal fees and get exactly the same order. I have posted all the motions/orders in my cases, which may be helpful if you decide to handle your case without an attorney.

After years of court, I find it too stressful to hear about other cases, so I no longer post them on my site. Please do not email me with info about your case.

I'm fortunate that now my son is able to talk his mother into letting him spend more time with me than the court order requires.

- Liam's Dad

Liam and Wes Camping
Liam and Wes Camping - May 2011