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It's pretty clear that one of the reasons Cheri Smith decided tried to remove me from Liam's life is due to her adulterous relationship with Igor Bakhir, a coworker at SAIC. Isn't it great that SAIC employs such trustworthy people to work on its projects that require security clearances? Kind of explains where SAIC's scandals come from if this this the type of people thy employ.

Here are some of the things Cheri Smith is teaching our son with her Infidelity and attempts to conceal it:

People don't seem to want to belive my wife is sleeping around so here is some evidence to help them accept it:

Update - Cheri Smith admits to adultery under oath!
Finally after years of trying to hide it, Cheri Smith admitted to committing adultery with Igor Bakhir. This testimony comes after she spent years of trying to hide her adultery by taking the 5th to avoid answering questions, refusing to hand over dicover evidence relating to it.

See the court transcript of 5/22/2006 page 350:
Q. When was the first time Mr. Bakhir spent the night with you?
A. It was in September of 2003.
Q. When is the first time you and Mr. Bakhir engaged in any sexual activity?
A. That similar time period.

So according to Cheri Smith, her and Igor Bakhir started their sexual relations in September 2003 (I still think Dec 2002 is more accurate) and six months after Cheri says they started having sex, in Jan of 2004, Igor Bakhir committed perjury by denying any relationship with her. He even went so far as to deny he knew they had the same supervisor at work... in spite of working with Cheri Smith on projects, and her even helping write his performance evaluation. - his transcript is here