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Liam should not have to give up his father due to his mother decideding to sleep with a coworker, breakup Liam's family, and file for divorce/custody. The commonwealth of Virginia should not be punishing Liam for the selfish and immoral actions of his mother, yet that is exactly what the Prince William County Circuit Court has done - deprived Liam of his constitutional right to a father/son relationship. If anyone should be punished for Cheri Smith's adultery it should be her not Liam or myself.

Custody in Virginia is awarded on the basis of gender with mothers getting custody 96% of the time3. That is illegal and unconstitutional but the legal system in Virginia is geared to look after the best interest of mothers, even bad ones, at the expense of the children and fathers.1 Convicted Murderess Can Get Custody but Decent Fathers Can't

Even a mother who is convicted of helping murder one of her children and feeding him feces can win custody, yet the Prince William County Circuit Court refuses to give me equal custody of Liam, and for 18 months gave me NO VISITATION even though by agreement with my wife that I was the one better suited for it, I was the one staying home caring for Liam while my wife supported us, and that she stated in writting "you've always taken very good care of him", and in spite of my wife and her therapist admitting that she has "uncontrollable rage" and my wife having threatened to kill Liam.2

If helping murder a child doesn't make Sheryl Hardy an unfit parent unworthy of custody, why does my having a penis make me unworthy of custody? Its not like Cheri Smith was much of a mother in the first place. As soon as she found out she was pregnant she started applying for MBA schools, eventually attending one out of state, ensuring that she was not going to stay home to care for and raise Liam, and left me the responsibility of supporting our family and being both father and mother to Liam after work while Cheri Smith was off fulfilling her own selfish desires.

Liam needs your help to get back his ability to have a father/son relationship with his father, as well as to force his mother to take steps to treat her mental health issues so that she can be a better mother for him. Please Help Liam and the other children deprived of a parent. Liam deserves two good parents, not one unstable parent and one visitor every other weekend.

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