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Loretta Vardy
White Collar Child Abuser

Loretta Vardy - Child Abuser
Loretta Vardy
White Collar Child Abuser
Loretta Vardy
cell: (703) 919-1417
office: (703) 791-6078
home and office:
12388 Silent Wolf Dr
Manassas VA 20112
The only thing crueler than tearing children from their parents is falsely leading children to believe that they are unloved by their fathers.

- Stephen Baskerville

Loretta Vardy has assisted Cheri Smith in her emotional abuse of Liam by trying to get the courts to change Liams contact with his father from seeing his father everyday, being raised by his stay-at-home father to no contact at all, not even phone contact. Loretta Vardy did this knowing that Liam was attached to his father and that his father had not abused him. Apparently she did this as a tactic to help her client 'win' more money/control in the custody and divorce cases she would file. What kind of sick person emotionally abuses a child a tactic to help another gain money and control?

As part of her plan to take Liam's father away from him, she has filed frivolous motions, has falsely accused his father of abuse, has lied in court, has gotten the court to prevent me from recording hearings to expose more of her lies, has failed to follow the rules of the court, refused to provide me with evidence related to the case, has become a eye witness in the case then refused to testify about it, and generally seems to be doing whatever she can to make sure that there is no justice in the case she started that is harming Liam. To pay for her abuse she had the court sell his home where he had lived all his life, had his own room, yard, playset, etc, and he had to move to a one bedroom apartment.

Loretta is a good example of why attorneys have such a bad reputation. She doesn't care about truth or justice and will lie in court, file groundless complaints etc, just to make a buck.

Loretta has a mediation business but I would suggest everyone avoid using her as a mediator. She doesn't seem to know the meaning of the word mediation. While I was encouraging my wife to participate in mediation, Loretta just wanted to focus on dragging us both thru an expensive court battle for years.

Loretta Vardy, claims that my behavior made my wife call the police. See for yourself the look of fear in her eyes as she franticly dials the phone, desperately waiting for the police to rescue her... doesn't look that way to me -- either its unethical conduct by her attorney or my wife had another psychotic episode (or just plain lying). Hmm, what is abusive about me driving my car to my apartment and driving off again without talking to her? If she didn't want me to drive by she shouldn't have been parked in my parking lot. She never has explained what she was doing at my apt at 1am or what Igor Bakhir was doing close-by either. (0.5MB) - Jan 2004

Please contact me if you or someone you know has been a victim of Loretta Vardy. I think some of her victims should get together and take legal action against her.

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