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STOP White Collar Child and Family Abuse in Fairfax County Virginia!!!!!.
Please join us in standing up against ORGANIZED White Collar CHILD ABUSE of our children by attorney Robert Machen and attorney Janine Saxe.
child abuser Janine Sax Janine M. Saxe
Law Offices of Janine M. Saxe
4118 Leonard Drive, 2nd Floor
Fairfax, VA 22030
(703) 691-3201 (phone)
(703) 691-1190 (fax)
VSB: 23407
Robert B. Machen
4326 K Evergreen Lane
Annandale, VA 22003-3261
(703) 273-3511 (phone)
(703) 273-3513 (fax)

To:  The Honorable Attorney General John D. Ashcroft. The Honorable Governor Mark Warner. The Honorable Judges of Fairfax County, Virginia. The Honorable Senators, Congressmen, Legislators, Children's rights organizations. Fairfax County Supervisors, Church Groups, Family rights activists, Residents of Fairfax County and Virginia.

We need your help and support.

Two innocent little children (Sveta "5 Years" and Lisa "3 years") have been the tiniest victims of these two attorneys manipulations the last two and a half years.

Friends of Little Sveta and Lisa would like to bring awareness and help end this abuse by Mr. Robert B. Machen and Ms. Janine M. Saxe ( guardian ad litem for the children).

Ms. Janine Saxe and Mr. Robert Machen are wasting Tens of Thousands of tax payer dollars undermining fit parents, misleading and abusing our court system, setting one parent against the other, false reporting to courts, state and federal agencies, separating and abusing the Jagannathan family while profiting unethically from their actions.

This is unacceptable, and should not be tolerated here in the U.S or anywhere else in the world. Little Sveta and Lisa have been subjected to suffering and their young minds abused and manipulated by the destructive actions of Ms. Janine Saxe and Mr. Robert Machen.

We demand Ms. Saxe and Mr. Machen be removed from the lives of little Sveta and Lisa.

We demand Ms. Saxe and Mr. Machen be held accountable, brought to justice, and punished. We demand an independent investigation.

We request wide dissemination of this material. Thank you for signing this petition.

  1. Whereas, Ms. Janine M. Saxe and Mr. Robert B. Machen's malicious acts are an act of emotional and psychological terrorism against the little children, against parents and against a family;
  2. Whereas, for Children and Parents there can be nothing in life experience more devastating than the abrupt, brutal, and unwarranted enforced separation due to the abusive and manipulative tactics of Ms. Saxe and Mr. Machen;
  3. Whereas, The parent-child bond is the strongest instinct, superseding all else and is protected by our constitutional rights;
  4. Whereas, Ms. Saxe was made aware of Attorney Robert Machens' past record of malpractice including, falsifying documents and evidence;
  5. Whereas, The Virginia State Bar had disciplined Mr. Machen, reprimanding him twice and suspending his license for falsifying documents. He has had district committee sanctions leveled against him.

    Three Judges appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia, Honorable Judge Thomas D. Thorne, Judge Dickson L. Foster, Judge Robert K. Woltz had found by clear and convincing evidence that Mr. Machen engaged in conduct for personal advantage, involving deceit that reflects adversely on his fitness to practice law and found him guilty under DR1-102(A)(4) of code of professional responsibility.

    The Organization - Citizen for Legal Reform reports Mr. Machen has engaged in conduct which tends to undermine the administration of justice and to bring legal businesses into disrepute;

  6. Whereas, Ms. Saxe was made aware of Rule 3.4 of the Virginia State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct for attorneys.

    A Lawyer shall not Falsify Evidence. Counsel or assist a witness to testify falsely;

  7. Whereas, Ms. Janine Saxe failed to abide by the Virginia State Bar code when she violated Rule 8.4 Rules of Professional conduct (A Lawyer's obligation to report misconduct to disciplinary authorities is absolute, and is stronger than the policy against disclosing confidential material surrendered during discovery. Therefore a Lawyer who suspects unethical conduct by another lawyer can include information uncovered during this litigation in an unsealed counterclaim, despite the protective order protecting the material);
  8. Whereas, Attorney Mr. Machen repeatedly filed false papers and made false statements in court that were not supported by evidence, and Ms. Saxe as an attorney and officer of the court is duty bound by law to report such falsifications;
  9. Whereas, white collar child and family abuse by Ms. Saxe and Mr. Machen with no regard or thought to the emotional impact on two little Children (Sveta and Lisa) who have suffered endlessly by the actions of these two attorneys is a violation of the rights or parents guaranteed by the U.S Constitution and the Commonwealth of Virginia;
  10. Whereas, Ms. Saxe and Mr. Machen have abused and undermined the children's interests, the justice system at the expense of the taxpayers, and the Jagannathan's family assets for over two years with deceit and malpractice, while profiting from these abuses by asking for attorney fees and other expenses;
  11. Whereas, to have a parent child bond abruptly severed by the malicious efforts of Ms. Saxe and Mr. Machen giving no consideration to the fear, anxiety, and trauma their actions cause to two little children, is child abuse, a crime against humanity and should not be tolerated in the state of Virginia;
  12. Whereas, Ms. Janine Saxe interests in being a guardian, of the children while advocating denial of visitation to the fit, educated and caring father of Sveta and Lisa;
  13. Whereas, small children believe their parents to be all-powerful, like super heroes. They believe that their parents possess an all-powerful ability to shelter and protect them from any threat; 
  14. Whereas, Ms. Saxe and Mr. Machen coercion of a parent into submission under a false pretense and engineering the abduction of their children from all that is safe and familiar to them, a fundamental belief system within the child is broken forever, along with the child's ability to feel safe and secure in their world;
  15. Whereas, Robert Machen attempts to file numerous injective relief, Protective orders in order to separate the parents and the children claiming a new set of abuse allegation each time;
  16. Whereas, spurious child abuse charges maliciously filed with Child Protective Services (CPS) were dismissed as baseless by the CPS, yet Mr. Machen goes to court with a motion the very next week on child abuse and neglect charges;
  17. Whereas, a fax document discovered as evidence of Robert Machens' devious actions in which he conspires to bring criminal false allegation to the FBI, Department of Justice, and the Immigration and Naturalization Service in order to revoke the father of the children's green card in an effort to seize control of the children;

We deplore Ms. Janine M. Saxe and Mr. Robert B. Machen's relentless two and a half year effort at undermining the children's interests, promoting separation, bitterness, acrimony and divorce between the parents by playing one side against the other, filing false documents with Federal and State Agencies including the FBI, Department of Justice, Child Protective Services, Police, The former Immigration and Naturalization Service. NOW THEREFORE,

BE IT RESOLVED that the rights of parent and children to have frequent and continuing contact is a fundamental, joint right of the parent and child with a basis in constitutional case law, which has held that the rights to raise, have access to, and care for one's own children are "more precious than property rights," are "essential"; and that the right to be with one's children is a" natural" right with a higher moral claim than any economic right.

BE IT RESOLVED that the U.S Supreme court has stated consistently as that of parental rights. Ie: In 1923 the Court asserted that the "liberty" protected by the Due Process Clause includes the right of parents to "establish a home and bring up children" and to "control the education of their own." Meyer v. Nebraska. 262 U.S 390, 399, 401, (1923). On June 5, 2000, the Supreme Court declared that

It cannot now be doubted that the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment protects the fundamental right of parents to make decisions concerning the care, custody, and control of their children. Troxel v. Granville ( 530 U.S 2000)

BE IT RESOLVED that Fundamental Constitutional rights are accorded a special status in judicial review. The Fourteenth Amendment prohibits the state from depriving any person of "life, liberty, or property, without due process of law."

BE IT RESOLVED that the actions of Ms. Janine Saxe and Mr. Robert Machen are a infringement of parental rights guaranteed under our constitution. Such acts of deprivation must occur only when there is a compelling state interest served by interfering with these rights and there is no more constitutionally benign way to achieve this compelling state interest.

BE IT RESOLVED that there has never been any evidence presented that, the retention of parental rights by both parents would compromise a compelling state interest.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that We assert and affirm our rights under the constitution to protect and defend our children from the likes of Janine M. Saxe and Robert B. Machen.

Thank you for taking the time to read and sign this petition.

Friends of Sveta and Lisa

Walter Johnson