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Ronald Wayne Fahy
White Collar Child Abuser

Ronald Wayne Fahy
(703) 369-7991
9236 Mosby St # A
Manassas VA 20110

(540) 347-3871
4314 Broad Run Church Rd
Warrenton, VA 20187-2529

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Ronald Wayne Fahy is the Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) appointed by the court to represent Liam in the custody case. Unfortunately for Liam, Mr Fahy isn't doing his job. The state has guidelines indicating how Guardians should do their job and Mr. Fahy is clearly not following the guidelines.

Instead of helping protect Liam from his mother's "uncontrollable rage" and help Liam spend time with his father, Mr. Fahy has pretty much done nothing but sit back and watch the court case as a bystander not as an attorney representing a client. After one year as GAL for Liam, Mr. Fahy has filed no discovery requests, no witness subpoenas, and filed only one motion - and that one motion was about him getting paid not about doing anything positive for Liam.

Ronald Fahy has done such a poor job of representing my son Liam that he didn't even bother to attend a hearing where my wife was attempting to cut off all his visitation time with me.

Please contact me if you know of other children who have been a victim of Ronald Fahy not representing their interest in court. I think some of his victims should get together and sue him for malpractice as well as getting him disbarred.

     permission is granted to copy this page and post it on other web sites. Posting this page in other locations will help mothers, attorneys, and judges understand that the only way to protect their reputation is to behave in an honorable manner and give up the notion that they can hide their misconduct with unconstitutional court orders to take down web sites.