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Cheri Smith
White Collar Child Abuser

Cheri Smith - child abuser
Cheri Smith
(703) 732-0431
8350 Greensboro Drive, #111
McLean, VA 22102
When a woman divorces her husband, she effectively shacks up with the State, and the State is a jealous lover.

- Dave

Cheri Smith admits Liam loves his father, wants to be with him, misses him when he is unable to be with him, yet repeatedly uses attorneys, police, judges, courts, etc to prevent Liam from being able to spend time with his father, even asking the court to cut off all contact with his father. She is committing repeated acts of emotional child abuse, and her refusal to seek treatment for her problem with uncontrollable rage is exposing Liam to the risk of physical child abuse on a daily basis, and may possibly have committed acts of physical child abuse as she has acts of domestic violence.

What kind of mother puts her child in the position of having to choose between believing his father doesn't love him and want to be with him, or that his mother doesn't love him enough to let him be with his father?

Send e-mail to Cheri Smith and let her know she should be ashamed of her actions.

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