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Fairfax County Public Schools
Organized White Collar Child Abuse

Jack Dale - Child Abuser
Jack Dale - Superintendent / Child Abuser

Fairfax County School Board
10700 Page Avenue, Fairfax, Virginia 22030
703-246-3646 (voice)
703-278-8648 (fax)
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Update 1/18/2007
I attended a public meeting at the McLean Community Center where Mr. Dale took questions. I politely waiting my turn until he called on me then asked him the following questions: Can you please explain VA code 22.1-4.3 and the school districts efforts to ensure that its employees comply with this state law? Can you please explain School District Regulation 2240.3 and the school districts efforts to ensure that its employees comply with its own regulation?

Mr. Dale indicated he wasn't familiar with the state law or school regulation, so I read them to him, when he found out they required the school to allow non-custodial parents to participate in their children's school activities he rudely refused to answer my questions.

Mr. Dale stated he wasn't going to answer personal questions, yet he had already answered other personal questions where he admitted it affected only one student. Denying access to both parents is an issue that affects MANY children in the district, and the district needlessly wasting money on legal issues is not a personal issue, nor is the district jeopardizing state and federal funding by violating state law.

I would prefer that Fairfax County Schools comply with the law and use the money to educate our children rather than violate the law, and waste money on attorneys and lose state and federal funding.

Isn't it ironic that Mr. Dale had just finished talking about wanting to increase state funding then turns around and refuses to discuss an issue that could not only prevent increased funding but cut off current funding entirely?

If you agree that Fairfax schools should spend money educating children instead of defending its violation of law please write to the and demand they come up with a program to ensure its employees comply with VA code 22.1-4.3.

Update 6/8/2006
Superintendent Jack Dale had previously excused the outrageous conduct of Principal Vanderhye by claiming that "The father in question has several court orders prohibiting contact and presence on school property. The principal was following police and court directives." which since the court order did not prohibit contact was a blatantly false statement.

The deception of Superintendent Jack Dale is further illustrated by the fact that the school is still refusing me access to my son at school even though the court has ordered resumed visitation. Since the school can no longer use the flimsy (and illegal) excuse of suspended visitation, the school has now manufactured a different excuse for why they are denying a handicapped child the right to have his father participate in his school activities. Read this letter from the school about continuing to deny me access to my son at school. Its interesting to note that here the school attorney states that denying me access was not based on the previous court order which directly contradicts the statement of Superintendent Jack Dale.

Here is my reply to the above letter.

Please email the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and the Fairfax County School Board and encourage them to follow the law and stop the emotional abuse of my handicapped son and allow him to have his father attend his school events.

This is an open letter to various members of the Fairfax County School Board and relates to an incident covered here.

Dear Fairfax County School Employees,

Can anyone tell me why the Fairfax County School District is continuing to harass me rather than own up to its mistake and work to ensure that similar incidents never happen again?

I received a notice today that Superintendent Jack Dale is too ashamed of the slanderous comments he personally has made about me and the lack of education/training that has been provided to District employees to ensure they comply with state law 22.1-4.3 and District Regulation 2240.3 that he is refusing to show up in court to discuss it. If Jack Dale is too busy to document his efforts to ensure his staff complies with laws and regulations then perhaps Jack Dale is too busy to be the District superintendent.

I also received notice today that the District is unwilling to provide me with copies of documents I subpoenaed, including the slanderous comments Jack Dale has been making and the so-called "Red Flag" policy. If the "Red Flag" policy cited by Principal Vanderhye really exists why is the District refusing to provide me with a copy? It sure looks like the policy does not exist and that the District is in collusion with Mr. Vanderhye to cover up his improper actions rather than to take responsibility for them.

I've offered repeatedly to settle this issue with the District out of court but you seem intent on getting yourselves bad publicity and a civil lawsuit. Can anyone down there tell me why the District is intent on spending tax-dollars to defend illegal actions rather than come up with a plan to ensure their employees follow the law?

Its no wonder why kids today have no respect for rules or the law, just look at the example the Fairfax County School District employees are setting for them.... disregarding laws, policy, lying about it, refusing to comply with subpoenas, perjury, etc. Honesty, integrity and decency are not values children are going to learn from the manner in which Roger Vanderhye and Jack Dale have behaved in this situation.

Actions speak louder than words and right now Roger Vanderhye, Jack Dale, and the Fairfax County School District are teaching children that when you do something wrong, when you hurt someone, you shouldn't admit your mistake, you shouldn't say you're sorry, but rather that you should lie and do everything you can to avoid taking responsibility for your actions.

Liam's Dad - Wesley Smith

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