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The only thing crueler than tearing children from their parents is falsely leading children to believe that they are unloved by their fathers.

- Stephen Baskerville

Some of those opposed to equal shared parenting reform argue that the Mother should be the primary caregiver because she is... well... the Mother. Such an argument is devoid of reason and no more accurate, or less insulting, than to say that:
'Mommy should be at home barefoot in the kitchen'.

Update June 2006
Liam did a great job in court 5/22/06 in spite of (or because of) his mother and Judges Millette, Alston, and Potter, denying him time with his father for 17 months. When Liam took the stand all he did is keep saying "Come here Dad" over and over until finally Judge Potter let me go over to him. Liam then proceeded to say he missed me, loved me, etc, and said he wanted to spend time with me.

I ran into my Liam in the lunch room and he wanted to spend lunch with me so we had lunch together. He repeatedly told me to "ask judge potter to stay with you" over and over and over and over. Hmm, that is both sweet and troubling. How did he know who the judge was? How did he know that the Judge could decide that? My son is 8 years old and has Down Syndrome so it appears my wife was trying to prep him to say he wants to stay with her...  but instead he kept saying he wanted to stay with me instead. He was so insistent on spending time with me they let him spend the night with me even before the court ruled.

Judge Potter has now restored limited visitation. Liam is allowed to spend one weekend a month with me, plus two weeks in the summer. Liam spent the first weekend in June 2006 with me and we had a great time even if it was too short.

Update 2010
I have been seeing Liam more often now due to both a change in court order in 2007 and Liam pestering his mother until she brings him over more often than the order requires.


I miss you very much. The reason I haven't had time with you since Christmas is because your mother and the court have not let me, its not because I don't love you or want to see you. I do love you, I do want to spend time with you and I'm working very hard to get your mother and the court to let us be together again.

I love you very much,


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