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Liam Wants To See His Father

Excerpts from e-mail sent from Liam's Mother after her first attempt to get the court to cut off contact between father and son and before she again asked the court to cut off contact between father and son. Based on her own statements, cutting off contact/visitation between Liam and his father is not not in his best interests, yet time to time she keeps trying to cut off contact, thus showing she is unfit to be Liam's custodial parent.

Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 12:29:12 -0400
From: "Smith, Cheri"
Subject: RE: Amund
To: Wesley Smith

...Liam still needs you to be very involved in his life. It was really hard for him while you were gone I don't want to ever have to see him go through that again.
    Subject: Re: Tuesday/Wednesday
    Date: December 21, 2004 8:36:12 AM EST

    if you miss visitation tonight, he will be extremely disappointed. Especially right now, where the information about your imminent departure has signficantly diminshed his self-esteem, he needs to know what to expect. He picked out your Christmas present last night, and is looking forward to giving it to you. It took me a while to coax him out of his coat and shoes last night after we got home, because he "wanted to be ready for my Dad." He will be crushed if you don't come tonight.
      Subject: Visitation
      Date: December 16, 2004 5:26:12 PM EST

      Liam has asked to see you this weekend. Since I'm assuming you are moving from the area soon, I'd like to give him as much time with you as possible.
        Subject: Re: Christmas
        Date: December 14, 2004 7:16:42 AM EST

        Thank you for telling him that you are going. He is upset, but seems to be managing it. I have been reassuring him that you will miss him very much, and that your absence is not because of anything he's done.
          Subject: Liam wants to come visit
          Date: December 4, 2004 5:53:58 PM EST

          Liams wants to come spend the night with you. If you let me know before 9 p.m. tonight that you would like him to come, and agree to return him to my apartment tomorrow, 5 December, at 11:00 a.m., I will bring him to you.
          - Cheri
            Subject: Visit with Liam
            Date: October 10, 2004 1:02:11 PM EDT

            Liam has been asking to see you today.

              In spite of making the above comments, On New Years Eve my wife's attorney sent me a motion to suspend all my visitation with Liam, and the court approved it illegally without giving me a chance to attend the hearing and prove she lied to the court. :-(