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My daughter has been living with me for years and my ex Father in law has always been quite clear that if I fought for custody of my son he would use all of his resources to crush me. He never wanted to have anything to do with my daughter as he has always had certain disdain for women and treated them as lower class citizens. He has repeatedly told my daughter that she is treated differently because of whom her father is (me) and how her brother is both mentally and physically superior to her. His actions date back to his own daughter (my ex) who had always told me that she could never measure up because her father had always told her that females were lesser citizens no matter how hard they tried. His advice to her at college graduation was to" find a husband". He is retired Navy and was the last commissioned commodore working at the pentagon. He has millions of dollars to fight with and happens to be 89 yrs old with little else to spend it on. Until the last couple of years I had no reason to think he was anything but good to my son. I now know that he is an abusive and destructive force in my children's lives and so I took the leap and went for custody. His name is William Coleman of Fair Lakes Va.

His wife of 40 years is Joyce Coleman who now lives in Annapolis Md. With Roger Granum another retired Navy man whom she has been having an affair with for years. When I was an ally of sorts she would ask me to "cover for her" as she did many times with my ex's first husband. He used to provide her with safe places to meet her boyfriend Roger and when things got too hot she would have "damage control meetings" which I was required to be part of to not fall from grace. She is a disgusting, social climbing, overbearing slug of a woman who fancies herself the friend of every famous person to walk the face of the earth and to the chagrin of all who know her continues to feed her blob like form with nothing but dove bars. She will bore you for hours with stories of her escapades with the rich and famous and her continual tales of sleeping with them all. Her method of involvement in her families life is to write a check in essence buying her audience. My ex's favorite story about her mothers boorishness is when she finally came to see her at college which apparently was a great departure from her social schedule she spent the entire visit talking about the professor that was teaching a course she was taking (as a bored housewife) and how easy it was to seduce him and how she would sleep with him in the class ex was both amused and disgusted. Joyce and Roger now live in Edgewater Md. And are upstanding members of the Rotary club an organization which is supposed to be based on members of good character.....obviously they make exceptions.

The next Player in this bad b-movie is my ex's attorney.... The fifth in a long line of ambulance chasers this guy is absolutely the picture of slimy lawyer and oozes toxic sleaze. This self proclaimed southern gentleman is completely morally and ethically bankrupt and yet he represents two townships in the Shenandoah valley and has recently been appointed substitute judge of the 26th judicial district the very district I have my case in. He is completely devoid of moral substance and sadly everyone you speak with on the street will gladly tell you of his drug use over the years yet nobody will confront him because of his social position.....I however am different. According to some of the respected town fathers he put himself through law school by selling drugs. This is truly indicative of his life in all outward appearances. I made a point of asking the judge in the last round of hearings why he was allowed to defend the best interest of children when by his own admission he didn't even like children. This is a man who begs a beautiful local woman for months even years to marry him , promising her children and a loving family, when she agrees they try for 2 years to have children.....just days before her appointment at a fertility clinic he admits that just before the wedding he had a vasectomy. I again ask why should this guy even be allowed to speak of moral fiber let alone make a living promoting it. He is assisted by a socially retarded woman who had the class to call me and leave a message that I was ...and I quote..."the biggest fu&king assh#@le" she had ever met......this is true professionalism for a substitute judges paralegal....

This latest episode started last September when my son then 6 spent almost 3 hours huddled in a corner hysterical pleading with me not to return him to his mothers house because his new step father was beating him.....he was with me for visitation. After calming him to a series a cops and magistrates who were no help because he had no bruises despite his own words describing the accounts.....I had no choice but to return him and filed for a hearing and investigation the next day. I was denied and a guardian was appointed then my visitation was suspended for 3 months pending the investigation.

My new wife and I were to be married on December 11 and pushed for my son to be allowed to be in the wedding for the entire time. Our request was brushed off and the guardian approved visitation the day after our wedding.

During this time my ex showed up unannounced at my scheduled parent teacher conference and made a scene demanding to be in the room for every word and saying the guardian insisted.....I rescheduled repeatedly these are the tactics she uses to interfere with my life and make things difficult.

In this time I received word of a preliminary order stating that I am to take part in a psychological evaluation......never receiving the order. It was offered to me a few times through people who had received it and I refused offering that if the court was so incompetent that they couldn't get me a copy then I need not take it seriously. All the while having my phone numbers and address and email addresses I finally receive a correction label on my order 6 weeks later....this stinks of intentional screw up by the court clerk.

After finally getting the written order I complied and attended a series of interviews conducted by Philip Pate of Winchester Virginia. I was open and honest and told him of all my concerns. He ,in turn, was stoic and reserved. I was given a battery of tests one of which was the inkblot which I guess I failed miserably because I was chastised for giving too few answers. Finally 2 days before he was to complete and file his report he asked if I had anyone I would like him to contact on my behalf.....hmmm odd He apparently called all of them as they all contacted me afterward and told me that they gave me glowing reviews. Not one of those people was mentioned in his report. He was sure to include that I was narcissistic but by the same token I had no mental or emotional disorders.....I wish he would've made up his mind. The entire report in one big contradiction and all the negative points he noted about me were tirelessly covered in the trial and he backed down admitting that he didn't review the supporting facts or evidence that everyone gave him. Once on the stand it became glaringly apparent that this was a clear case of collusion between the judge, the attorney, the guardian and Mr. Pate. His anxiety level was obvious when he was on the stand and my attorney was questioning him. One of the most telling answers was when he admitted that in the 12 years he had been licensed he had only done 10 cases. I guess this was the best they (the collusive parties) could buy. Needless to say he was very anxious to get off the stand and was excused immediately. When he interviewed my current wife they talked about her family her job and their mutual love of literature. Never once were any of his negative comments about me discussed. He had the very person who spends every day with me and my children in his presence and never asked one question of relevance. it should be noted that on the date of his last interview with me he called and asked me to bring her....hmmmm It seems clear to me that although he was bought and paid for by the players but he could've hidden it a little better. As would be expected he is also on the local city council and seeking another term....true to his political aspirations but should this child abuser/molester for sale be allowed to decide the future of our children.

The next player in the game is Georgia Rossiter a so called attorney and guardian ad leitum in practice in Winchester Virginia. This Jabba the Hut esque sloth with the hair of a brillo pad had me in her sights as soon as she got the case and I strongly suspect that she was paid quite well by my ex and her family. This woman ignored ALL the facts and became quite friendly with my ex. She ignored every opportunity to confirm any negative facts presented to her in respect to my ex and actively fought everyone who brought her negative info about my ex's new husband. She bills herself as an equine attorney and when told of the 2 horses that died in my ex's care and how she was charged with multiple felonies of animal abuse and neglect Ms. Rossiter dismissed them as in the past and my attempt to sway her opinion. The felonies were dismissed when my ex surrendered the animals to the county and a rescue league. Looking at this for sale piece of trash all I can think of are the Catherine the great stories which plays perfectly into my abuser/molester scenario.

This conveniently brings me to the next miscreant in our little production. Rickie Lee Williams is possibly the definition of who not to let raise kids. He admittedly dropped out of the eighth grade after failing no less than 3 times. He admittedly got a sexual assault charge dismissed on the condition of good behavior. He admittedly drinks no less than 20 shots of Jim Beam on weekend nights and has at least 1 dui. He admittedly drives the children to and from school each day despite the fact that he has license. He admittedly left the mother of his son now 8 because "it was time to roll". He admittedly assaulted my ex's teen age son causing him to run away and move to his fathers. He admittedly withheld info from Dr. Pate. He admittedly" beat up a cop while I was cuffed". He admittedly does not see his son at all and has no plans to be part of his life because "she doesn't want me to". He admittedly hits my son in the head when he doesn't listen. He admittedly poaches deer on the adjacent property all year long. He admittedly does illegal drugs recreationally......need I say more....this guy is a loser with a capital L.

A few notes on my ex.....depressed from childhood, a blazing alcoholic, washes down her depression meds with vodka, destroys her kids possessions when she's drunk, leaves her kids unattended when shes drinking, is abusive, manipulative suicidal(held off 17 police officers with a loaded pistol after shooting off 2 rounds into the walls of the bedroom she was in, slept with my 17 yr old laborer, neglected her horses to the point where she let 2 of them die while in her care in the pasture on her property, has charged me falsely over 30 times, has lied to women's shelters.....I don't have room to list all of her transgressions here but rest assured if you have the time I'll be happy to give you all the documentation....under a court order to stay in therapy she has not had one appt in four years as she testified on the stand....she admitted to her best family friend and chef at the restaurant dying of a heroin overdose and then belligerently asking what it had to do with the case....this guy used to watch my kids. She had an affair with a convicted drug dealer who later died in a car wreck because of her insistence that he and another convicted drug dealer drive one of the waitresses to Florida to hide her kid from the father. The list goes on and on but you get the idea....all these things were admitted in court and acknowledged by the judge. Her supposed friends called me and informed me of her actions and then hid when I tried to subpoena them....out of fear of her.

Finally the master of ceremonies in this three ring circus of a supposed court....The (dis)honorable Judge William Sharp. This is a Napoleonic little guy with a bow tie much like Louis Farrakhan's who is obviously for sale. He is the chief judge of the juvenile and domestic relations court of Warren County Va. A county with approximately 40,000 residents. At one time 6 yrs ago I was told by a person that worked for social services that this glorious county had over 17,000 active cases and was the highest reporting county in the country when it comes to incest. Obviously this judge is doing something

Very simply .....this little weasel listened to all the facts that I have reported here.....he heard that my daughter while in my care was flourishing and getting great grades in school and was chosen as a student council rep within 6 weeks of entering a new school....she was happy and always allowed by me to spend time over and above that which the court allowed but ....because I allowed my daughter to go to the dentist with her mother at her request ....I was "sadly lacking in meeting my daughters basic needs" My daughter has a crooked tooth and was told that her mother and grand father were going to get her braces. I asked constantly if this is what she wanted because I have been told that she in no way must have them at 8 or 9 yrs old nor has it affected her quality of life in any way. It is for this reason and this reason only that this midget of a child abuser/molester took legal and physical custody of my daughter from me.

The day I told my daughter this she was hysterical and wanted to call Sharp and tell him "what a bad man he was for making her go and live with her mother and Rickie" there were three adults who witnessed this emotional break and will happily testify to her reaction at the appeal

My point in this ....I am now the William Wallace of the battle and will spend my dying breath fighting the corrupt and collusive family court system so that people like this will have to quit destroying our families and children for their personal gain and their over inflated incomes. These vermin have taken my children from me and have given them to the highest bidder thinking all the while that I have lost the war brought on and perpetuated by them.....they are sadly mistaken....this was just one of a lifetime of battles which I will fight until the day I die or one of them kills me. I will spend each and every waking moment fighting for my kids future and all the children and parents who have suffered needlessly at the hands of these parasitic scum....if need be I will live under a bridge and haunt them in every legal way I can until there is a world wide uprising of parents fighting to take back our families.

To all those who rape and pillage our families and then gather on the golf course wiping your clubs with the fabric of our once family oriented are now on notice that you have created an enemy of the worst who has nothing left to lose....I will do everything within my legal power to stop the systematic slaughter of this nations families and rally the help of those who have suffered....I will reduce you all to jobs where the most important thing you do is ask "WOULD YOU LIKE FRIES WITH THAT" In closing I hope all of you will live long and miserable lives so that when you wake each morning you will remember the faces of every parent and child whose lives you destroyed.

There is no doubt that I will be jailed on some trumped up charge because of this declaration and have planned with 20 some odd others that when the order comes I will passively resist by laying down in the court and beginning a hunger strike....this action is my only alternative as I don't condone violence of any kind. Major organ damage does not begin until the 40th to the fiftieth day and being 6'7" and 300 lbs I expect to last quite awhile....never the less this message will bring the attention of the national media and seeing as this is a conspiracy of silence it will shed some light on the scattering roaches


Tom Porter