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Friday, June 9, 2006

WARREN COUNTY, VA - A Virginia Father and a child's rights activist has lost custody of his daughter to a alcoholic, suicidal and depressed mother and her convicted new husband because her lawyer happens to be a substitute Judge and a friend of the GAL and Child Psychologist.

Tom Porter a devoted dad who runs VISION4CHILDREN and has lost custody of his daughter Hunter ( 9 years) in a recent hearing in Warren county.

Tom has been seeking custody of his son who was being abused by his step dad and the courts have turned against him.

Now he has been railroaded by the Judge, Sub-Judge, GAL and a Psychologist who had recommended custody of both children to the mother in spite of overwhelming IN YOUR FACE EVIDENCE of unfitness on the part of his ex, and her new husband. ( see Tom's email below with bullet points).

FOLKS!!! This is a classic case of collusion, favoritism, abuse of parental and child's best interest rights by the legal profession and the family courts!!.

Tom's case is a clear cut example of how the Family Court system does not care one wee bit about Children's interests.

IT IS TIME TO EXPOSE FAMILY COURT CORRUPTION. Tom has agreed to let us use his case as a example to show how corrupt the family courts are. Tom has his case carefully documented. We need to work together to expose family court fraud.

We need to take these WHITE COLLAR CHILD ABUSERS TO TASK and take them through the WRINGER....or rather through the BOILING OIL on this..

We need volunteers to fax, email, set up websites, set up protests etc. Please call Tom @703-597-9250 or call me @ 703-879-6380 or Mobile: 703- 463-4188

Tom's email:

Tom's email:
I just recieved a call from my attorney

I have lost everything

Despite the glaring facts the judge decided to take my daughter

This order is the most obvious case of collusion you will ever see

In the next few days you will see the facts that the judge did including the fact that my ex had as her chef and close friend who spent a great deal of time with the family a heroin dealer who has recently died of an overdose

her new husband admittedly drinks 20 shot of bourbon each weekend night

He dropped out of the eighth grade after failing it 3 times

He admittdly committed a sexual assault a few years ago

He and she both have DUI's and continue to drink to excess

My ex held off a dozen officers with a loaded pistol to her head

In addition to her drinking she is on the maximum dose of at least one maybe 2 or 3 drugs for depression

And to top it all off her attorney is a substitute judge in this county of 40,000 or less

Repeatedlyt the media has asked for a slam dunk case to report on and I am meeting with a couple of reporters later today

The guardian, the local custody evaluator and the judge will be the topic

this must stop NOW and we MUST bring to light all these white collar child abusers