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Stephen Barnes & daughter Lindsey

After 5 years and untold cost I gained custody of my daughter.  The courts as we all know favor the mothers to a degree that borders on insanity.  I went before Judge Alden (Fairfax) for an emergency change in custody with a certified capias issued in Loundoun against my X. Alden said it had not hit Fairfax yet and dismissed the case.

My X cannot get my child to school on time or at all, I have had 3 principles testify for me and nothing was done.  I knew that the home environment was bad but could not prove it.  The Principle of Lindsey's school talked to me about her condition and the smell she had when arriving to school, when she did get there.

I finally asked the Principle to do something about the problem, she asked me what I wanted, to which I said do what ever you can.  I, as the disgruntled father could not make the call to CPS.  Months go by without a world from anyone, I ask the Principle for information nothing is given. I finally called CPS and asked if there was an investigation under way, they said NO. In the mean time I get wind that animal control had been to the home so I subpoena their records, with them in hand I filed yet another change in custody pleading. With the case active I was able to subpoena the CPS records.  CPS was days away from removing Lindsey from her mother and had not contacted me, knowing that I was an active concerned parent!

This is extremely brief and does not come close to explaining the trauma that Lindsey and I both went through. It is intended to give some amount of hope to all the fathers out there that are being rapped by the system. It is my belief that you need to stay beyond reproach always doing the right thing.  You will win the favor of the courts only by providing them with unrefutable facts, time and time again.  My case is delivered by hand truck, my records stand at 21 feet tall in indexed binders.

We need to get media attention and that will only come with case such as yours and mine explained calmly. Letting the world know about the blood sucking attorneys, forensic shrinks and theJudges living with blinders on.  I wish I knew how to help the scores of father's being torn apart by this unjust system.

Lindsey's Dad - Stephen Barnes