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Rebecca Lewis-Hughes, children Sara Lyn and Julie Ann

My name is Rebecca Lewis-Hughes and I was divorced in Norfolk,Va in the early 90's with 3 children only 2 of which belonged to my husband at the time. They are now 16,15,13 my son of course lives with me because he is daughters Sara and Julie on the other hand are a totally differnt story. Their father was in the navy and had not spent more than 1 yr total with the kids before we got divorced upon my leaving him and going to florida he filed paperwork saying he didn't know where I was my date of birth anything about me you could more less say even though we had been married 4 yrs and we had at one time lived with my parents in Florida and his parents in NY was he lying OH YEAH.

He got lawyer Howard Miller to rep, him and proceeded to convience ppl I was a drug user as well as alcholic neither of which the judge ask to be verifed by test or counseling. He moved us out of base housing while I had gone to Fl to get our children because for the 2 months prior we were talking of reconcilation unknown to me he was dating and living with someone I called a friend in Newport News in navy housing her HUSBAND was supporting. Upon return to Va, with the children I had no place to live,no money to get a place and no job as he didn't want me to work while we were married because he was deployed all the time and our kids were small at the time being 3,2,1 so he filed for custody in the courts of not 2 but all 3 of the kids and some judge who wasn't family law at all but bankruptcy filling in gave them to him with the understanding they NOT leave Va. he was to get a apt and stay there with them or his mother would move there from NY so I could see them.

Directly after the hearing they loaded my kids up and off to NY they went in contempt but nobody would listen to me I was after all a no job,drug using,alcohlic mother and he was in the Navy. I didn't see my kids for almost a yr and talking them was very hard because the grandparents wouldn't let me but of course they weren't just ask them. Upon his return from sea he moved in with my friend went and got the kids and still wouldn't let me see them even though I begged, finally he told me leave Va and you can take them will never want them back so I thing I know here he is in Fl trying to take my kids away again they FREAKED I took them to a counsler who said no way should they be with him and her as she told MY son I wasn't coming back and she was gonna make him a girl..bear in mind my ex KNEW about this and did nothing after all he wasn't his son...I got a court ordered DNA done and got my son back 2.5 yrs later after the nightmare began but he has had my girls every since. I got a court ordered from Judge Sachs *retired* she was to be no where near my kids any of them he married her in CT. again Va did NOTHING.

I remarried in July of 95 and got to see my kids that summer because I went to get them in Va from St Petersburg FL well I should say went to Lorton Va to get them because as court ordered he wouldn't meet us half way or pay half the trip. I paid to fly them back to CT he ran with them back to Va. without notifying me court ordered said "he didn't know he was going there" PLEASE navy tells you in plenty of time. He refused to let me see the girls AGAIN...well in 1999 he was deployed and I wanted copies of school records so I sent to the school in Va. they were faxed to the local school since in our small town of Ft Meade Fl that was only one available to me....he went back to court said I tried to break court orders also they missed ALOT of school in Va due to late arrival back in Va because I made him pay their airfare that yr they didn't miss school in Va it was in Fl and they wern't enrolled there anyway....

I have a repaired heart conditon which at the time wasn't I needed to extend my court date they denied me said basically to bad so sad....I called his lawyer to plead my case please allow me time he said "no if I was dead he wouldn't have to deal with me anymore,I said he would be dealing with my parents then he said they would be dead so on also".

Well here we are in 2004 haven't talked to my girls or seen them since Aug 99 when he was granted full custody in court in Dec of that yr. I am supposed to have "supervised visits with them" when I ask why he said cause I tried to steal them...right now I don't know where they are or how they are and they are 15 and almost 14 god knows what he has told them other than I love their brother and my husband more than them because I will not/cannot move back to Va. I am still married to the same man almost 10 yrs later,buying our home and our son is A-B student in HS but I am unfit. I HATE Va. it is unfair how I was treated and continue to be treated I followed their rules he scoffs at them and continues to win

Until finding you and the ICRC I felt hopeless and alone against Va and my ex. I am willing to help anyway I can and will travel to Va to testify or whatever I am Native American and he also holds that and the fact I am southern against me tells my girls I am trash and a whore,well I have a letter my 15 yr old wrote on her last visit to the court saying what she wanted could I use it against him then NO now YES he has hurt me and them beyond words and who knows what the relationship damage with their brother this has done. Almost forgot we were supposed to reconcile in early 95 told the kids and everything he married her without telling me so you what kinda person he really is.

Sorry no pictures of Sara & Julie to share but sadly he doesn't allow that and well neither does his homewrecker.... Well thats my story to date....

Rebecca Lewis- Hughes NCP to Sara Lyn now 15 and Julie Ann almost 14