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Letter from Parental Rights Activists about Attorney Robert Machen

Parental Rights Activists in Virginia
Press Release/memo #152.

March 18, 2006

Rev Pastor David Lough
Graham Road United Methodist Church
2929 Graham Road
Falls Church, VA 22042 USA
Dear Mr. Lough:

Grace and peace to you, and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. This is what the welcome message at Graham road Church says on its website.

Yet, Graham road is being persuaded by this unethical attorney Robert Machen in his campaign of persecuting a loving father of two children who is fighting this corrupt lawyer who is backed by a equally corrupt organization - The Bethany House of Northern Virginia.

Attorney Robert Machen has in the past used surrogates to commit fraud on Mr. Ron Jagannathan. Now he appears to be using Judy Demasana a day care worker at Graham Road United Methodist Church and day care in filing frivolous charges against Mr. Ron Jagannathan.

Mr. Robert Machen has openly stated of his dislike for interracial marriages and had vowed he would work pro bono to prevent a "mongrel race" in Virginia.

A private investigation has revealed that Mr. Machen has had a long history of falsifications, He has had district committee sanctions against him, The Virginia State Bar had suspended his license for falsifying documents previously, He has had other sanctions brought against him by the Bar.

Three Judges appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia, Honorable Judge Thomas D. Thorne, Judge Dickson L. Foster, Judge Robert K. Woltz had found by clear and convincing evidence that Mr. Machen engaged in conduct for personal advantage, involving deceit that reflects adversely on his fitness to practice law and found him guilty under DR1-102(A)(4) of code of professional responsibility.

The Organization-Citizen for Legal Reform reports Mr. Machen has engaged in conduct which tends to undermine the administration of justice and to bring legal businesses into disrepute.

Recently, the Department of Justice has initiated a investigation into Mr. Machen's activities.

Ron Jagannathan is a model parent who is in a battle to protect his two little children who are the tiniest victims of a abuse game initiated by this attorney and his buddy organization the Bethany House of Northern Virginia.

Ron is a member of Fathers United and also a Board member of Fathers For Virginia a organization of Parents that is advocating for the involvement of both parents in their children's lives equally.

Ron Jagannathan has volunteered hundreds of hours working for children's interest, he has testified on children's rights at a number of legislative hearings. He is also communications Director of Fathers For Virginia.

Mr. Robert Machen is involved in a racket where he has committed fraud and has mislead misleading state and federal agencies including the FBI, The U.S Army, Defense Intelligence Agency, The Counterintelligence division, Defense Contractor Northrop Grumman that lead to a wasteful investigation against Ron Jagannathan by the FBI that was closed later due to the obvious actions by Mr. Machen.

We the parental rights activists in Virginia are asking Graham Road United Methodist Church to withdraw any complaints made against Mr. Ron Jagannathan. Graham Road United Methodist Church and Judy Demsana are being mislead by Mr. Machen for obvious self-serving reasons into this abuse game. Mr. Machen has intentionally mislead several groups into an attack against Mr. Jagannathan. These are being lead by Mr. Robert Machen.

What Kind of a lawyer is Mr. Machen?. Please see the attached documents that gives a clear picture of Mr. Machen's actions and his connections with Bethany House of Northern Virginia.

Thank You,


Cindy J