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I am the grandmother of a beautiful little 8 year old granddaughter, who is and has always been my heartbeat. All her life, my husband and I were her world. It was always the three of us. She was always at our house, and the three of us went everywhere together. Her mother ( my X-daughter-in-law always said that if anything ever happened between her and our son she would NEVER keep her away from us.

In Jan. of 2003 she left my son for a new man, and took our granddaughter away from us. She and my son were divorced the end of June 2003, And we never could see her much after that. Then on July 19, 2003 my husband died. My granddaughter was there with us and she took it really hard. After it was all over, I've seen my granddaughter 5 times sense.

The courts made my son pay $350.00 a month child support, and gave him joint custody. He should get her every other week-in, and 1 month in the summer, He is to know where they live at all times, and he is to have a phone number so that he can call her any time. He has never missed a child support payment. But he nor I can see her or call her. We don't know where they live, and they don't have a phone. I've paid 2 Attorney's to take her to court, but all they do is write her a letter. And I never heard from them after that. She's not afraid. And I'm finding out we don't have a leg to stand on unless we shell out $500.00 or more.

My son is almost out of his mind over the whole thing. If he doesn't pay his child support, they can put him in jail, So how come we can't do something about her. I've called everybody I can think of, and I always get the same story. SORRY BUT WE CANT HELP YOU WITH OUT MONEY.

We cant see my granddaughter, and she's really having a hard time over losing her granddad. When I do get to see her, she cries a lot, and tells me her mother and other grandmother tells her she cant cry. She needs help, and they want help her. And My son and I are heartbroken over the whole thing. Is there anybody out there that might be able to tell us something that may help.