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Over 20 years of abuse, by the system. A system that destroyed my familly, my carreer, my future. I was too busy trying to feed my children to fight your repeated asault on my children and myself.You stoled everything in my life that mattered. You are the enemy,your deeds destroy lives, destroy relationships and futures. The children of this ounce great country, are not going to be your next victams. Thier fathers, are no longer worried about your asaults , you've stolen everything from them. For some, the concern for themselves, isn't a priorty.You were able to take many things from these men, but thier pride, thier integrity , thier patience and thier never ending love for thier children . Now some of us are ready, we are the generation, born from your deeds. We are the generation, that will bring new and exciting change. We hope to do it through peaceful means. Hope , that is our intention , but hope hasn't been in our lives. We hope, that you hope, the same for change, because without hope, we have anarchy.