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Dear Everyone:

This has been so painful for me and trying to get help from every department I can... has been useless.

1.Committee on Judicial Conduct

2.Governor Arnold

3.First Lady Maria Shriver

4.Congressman Dan Lungren (friend of my father)

5.Board of Supervisors in San Diego

6.Mayors of San Diego (there has been a few)

7.Presiding Judge Einhorn in Central Court

8.Presiding Judge Howatt in Family Court (big mistake!)

9.Union Tribune

10.Life Time TV (got a response and they are waiting)

11.Pete Wilson

12.State Bar of California

13.Congressman in San Diego (Randy Cunningham and the one that replaced him)

14.FBI (that was a joke, someone in the legal field told me to call them)

15.San Diego Police (another joke - look at my injuries from father and they never did anything - I was examined by the neighborhood doctor after if happened - the girls witnessed it, but now have forgotten - who took the pictures?)

16.The Obudmens - complaints with the DCSS (Dept. of Child Support Services)

17.and more

Ready to go to the California Supreme Court

Embarrassing is that bailiffs and clerks in the San Diego Family Court and the Central Court and even the Court of Appeal know me when I walk thru the doors. Isn't that sad? I'm always kind, friendly and they talk to me and probably tell me too much. I am the nicest person that you would know and try to do anything to help. Judge Trapp was threatened - Commissioner Wertheimer and I got along great - Judge Hendrix had me earmarked by Trapp and Howatt. Linda saw me in action and couldn't believe how nice I am to these people who have destroyed my life.

Today I have become a shell of a person and try not to leave my house. My right arm is damaged due to a fall from the stairs (three fractures - one compound which required surgery) and my typing may not be perfect. Please understand. I have loss of memory due to stress and have great difficulties in walking.

To rehash this stuff makes me sick and I have to have a glass of wine - then of should also mention that the last meal I had was yesterday and it was one hard boiled egg. My diet consists of one meal a day. I'm not hungry, battling Multiple Sclerosis and can't focus anymore. My experience has been the perfect case of PAS (parental alienation syndrome) - I have attached a copy that outlines this syndrome. I have been physically and most important mentally abused (mentally abused by Philip my children's father and the court system).

Interesting after I got moved from Judge Trapp's courtroom to Judge Thomas Hendrix - he did not acknowledge this syndrome PAS, but did so after my hearing at the following hearing. But I must remind all that I am In Pro Per and have been for years. The following hearing both had attorneys. Also I went to the court and tagged the files and the proper acknowledgement to the other side, and the time frame for a pre-read. I did this and I learned from the bailiff that the new judge did not do the pre-read as he was on vacation. So now my twin daughters, age 12 (Rémy and Lauren), no longer have to see me. Within a matter of 2 months they became awful to me, rude, telling me that I "have no authority over them", saying they never want to see or talk to me ever again. Prior to this they were begging to be returned home with me and Judge Trapp knew it. Also I had swim and sleep over parties on the week ends I had them in March and April of 2006. Two of the guests (girls) came and apologized to me the next morning on Rémy's behavior toward me. He boyfriend told her to call me and apologize - HER BOYFRIEND - she is only 12. He saw how Rémy was treating me as well.

Funny is that Judge Trapp took my twins away on June 15, 2005, after they refused to visit their father, after an order on April 24, 2005 - which she made an error on visitation with father, giving him more time than less. I did an appeal of that hearing and then I was ordered by Trapp on June 15, 2005 to: (also I was kicked out of her court room)

1.have a psyche evaluation

2.have supervised visitations at Hannah's House - 8 hours a week with the twins

3.if they saw me - I was to go to jail

4.all phone calls to them were to be recorded - she never listened to them

5.pack up clothing - that I bought them with my money (when I was able to work - now permanently disabled)

6.They were removed from my home by the District Attorney's office with 2 sheriffs, while I remained in the court room.

7.To come back when all was done - Trapp said by Ex-Parte, which I did. When the day came, she said that their father was on vacation. He was in town and working. Nothing was done.

8.Have counseling, which I did and was released twice, dad was to do the same but never did.

9.BUT the twins would be returned to me they never were.

At the next review - 6 months later - Trapp said that I had improved significantly (what does that mean?); my psyche evaluation came in - scoring - well above average. Great report from my therapist - they were not returned but I got 4 ˝ hours on Wednesdays and a sleep over every other weekend (unsupervised)

At the next review - 6 months later, they again were not returned because father claimed that I wasn't doing homework with them on Wednesdays - I was ordered by Trapp to talk to each of their teachers and get their homework schedules for Wednesdays.

At the next review - they were not returned to me because I have mood swings - I told her that was impossible because I am on hormone replacement for my MS. I have learned that she is 51 or 52 and she was fanning herself at a couple of hearings - it appears that she has the mood swings. It is noted in one of my transcripts of her fanning herself.

Now the twins have lost sight of ever coming home. Rémy (one of the twins started removing items out of the house)

Lauren was given another day to see me, but Rémy's was suspended. Lauren stopped coming over the end of April 2006. I got out of Trapp's courtroom on May 30, 2006; do to working on atty. Jim Hairgrove's campaign. But then the "fix" was in and Judge Hendrix - ruled against me ever seeing my twins. They are still 12 years old and Trapp said that they are to see their father, but Hendrix said that they don't have to see me. IF THEY WANT TO SEE ME, then I'm to bring a motion before the court.

Now my eldest daughter - Jourdan, now 16 years old, I haven't seen for two years, except for Christmas to get her gift (a $200.00 plus Donny Brook purse) and 10 minutes on Mother's Day 2006. Since living with her father, she is cutting herself, moving on to her 3rd sexual relationship (started this at the age of 14), bulimic, smoking pot or something, drinking alcohol, unsupervised, driving a car, does whatever she wants. She has told the twins things that are not true and I am now afraid of them. My last conversation with her - about 3 weeks ago - she wanted to know about the money she is to inherit thru my mother and I told her that all 3 of them have been cut out of her trust and my life insurance money will go to pay off the debt that I owe Grammie and others to live and supporting them all of their lives. She started crying hysterically. Guess she isn't going to get the boob job she wanted.

When I learned of her previous actions, mentioned above, I went Ex-Parte to court and Judge Smyth heard it and ordered that she be returned to her mother, me. I never saw her, she hid from me. The next day Minor's Counsel (Sharon Kalemkarian - awful attorney and does not read anything or care about the children) held an Ex-Parte hearing in front of Trapp. Trapp had Jourdan returned to her father - she ordered an investigation of her grades " no physical investigation. Trapp also stated she didn't believe me - I told her Jourdan told me herself, plus I talked to parents that their daughter associates with Jourdan. Funny that two years later with the twins Trapp now acknowledges "I don't want the twins to go down the same path as Jourdan" she believes it.

My mother kept saying the Judge and Philip (the girls' father) were talking and I agreed with her. She knew information before it was presented to the court. Also Trapp's bailiff told me information that he should never have known. As this information was being heard at another court house (central branch - thru the Dept. of Child Support Services). I learned later that Judge Trapp's husband is a bailiff at the central court in the criminal sector - dept. 34 - where my children's father is a DUI attorney. Now I knew that improper ex-parte communication was being done. I did further investigation and the results were positive that father was talking to Trapp's husband.

The girls' father was so upset that we were being moved to another court, that he called Hairgrove and asked him to do a declaration that I never worked on his campaign.

I have maintained my transcripts, declarations, minute orders, OAH (Order after hearing, always done by Philip's attorney and is WRONG. How do I know? I get the transcript and the OAH benefits her client and is wrong).

Trapp ordered, that I get the girls a cell phone to call their father or she will remove them from me (before this and during I had provided the girls with their own phones and phone line in their bedrooms). Trapp ordered all the clothes I bought Jourdan (not her dad) be moved to her - I packed up 5 large bags. Jourdan went to a gynecologist when she was 15 and I wanted to know why - wasn't sure what the problem was and Trapp never made father tell me. I still don't know, but can guess at this point. Jourdan's grades have dropped. The twins have good grades, but if they fall then dad is going to make them wear uniforms to school again. Father has removed me from their lives as if I had died. I'm not involved in any school activities, soccer, school information or anything that they may be doing. I know nothing other when I called them, he would listen on the phone. The three of them swear like sailors and lie beyond belief.

I had to go to Kid's Turn/Parent's turn - what a joke and so on, all for co-parenting reasons. Do you see any co-parenting by the judges? This was Trapp's big thing co-parenting.

The most interesting part of this calamity of incidences is that I was the bread winner, put dad thru law school, took the girls to all their activities - soccer, piano lessons, violin lessons, drum lessons, guitar lessons, tap and ballet lessons, Cheer lessons/gymnastics, feed them, clothed them, put a roof over their heads, took care of their pets, DID THEIR HOMEWORK WITH THEM, paid for everything and so on and so on and I worked about 50 hours a week at an exempt status. Their father went to law school; I provided $300.00 a week spending money, provided a car, paid for upkeep, washed his clothes, help support his law practice and the other wifely duties - even though I didn't marry him. He wouldn't sign a pre-nuptial agreement and I was pregnant with Jourdan. Father was never around - busy at school, busy at work...I learned from his law partners he was busy with other women.

I have gone thru my retirement plans, borrowed money from relatives and friends, borrowed on my life insurance, sold stuff and

And the Commissioner at the Dept. of Child Support Services ordered that I'm to get a job and I'm to pay child support. I get $957.00 a month in permanent disability and the Commissioner stated father's earning should be $110,000.00 a year - an attorney for 7 years. In addition father owes me arrearages of $44,900.00 and he reduced it to $22,500.00 - I did a contempt order and father has not served one day in jail, regained his law and driver's license. Father appealed the contempt order regarding Judge Joan Lewis' order and I won - three years later and NOTHING WAS OR HAS BEEN DONE!

I have been kicked out of Trapp's court room twice, yelled out by her many times and I documented it in the transcript. I have been a responsible woman, supporting the complete family and never have done anything to hurt my children other than spoil them.

And there is more....


Kathy Snyder

P.S. Put me on a website too

P.S. I know there are more, but their attorney say not to get involved....of course not, because the attorneys will no longer be paid. I had a couple of attorneys and they just screwed it all up " they never read anything and one attorney didn't even recognize me in court the day of the hearing. Isn't that a joke! He told me it would cost $2,000.00 and after all his screw ups - his bill became $23,000.00. I hear he is in trouble with the BAR.