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Twenty Years Ago Fairfax County CPS Destroyed Us
What Rebecca Learned

My story goes far back as 1981 when I thought I was doing the right thing for our daughter by marrying her father. My experience with CPS and Juvenile Justice System made me lose all faith in them. This is because Fairfax County Social Services started to interfere in the lives of my second ex, our daughter, Rebecca, and myself. CPS tried to turn my second ex into an full blown alcoholic and they used my mental health against me to convice our daughter's Guardian As Litem to turn against Rebecca being returned home to us.

So, on November of 1983 in front of The Dishourable Judge Gay LordFinch, Jr, the two smirking social workers, Laura Jane Viverette and Susan Stemenksi and The Woodburn Center for Mental Health in Annandale, Virginia both my second ex and I had our parental rights terminating. This made our daughter adoptable.

Yes she was adopted by what the state considers fit and proper parents. What the court failed to realize is that Child Development specialist in Birmingham Alabama recommended and advised the Court never to terminate our rights. They did not listen and no thanks to CPS and The Court the happinest marriage I made for myself ended in 1986.

The people who adopted Rebecca years later stated in a conference that if they had known how disabled Rebecca was going to be they would have never gone through with adoption in the first place.

Roy and I never asked for CPS to interfere in our lives. The terminated our rights on what is called "The Best Interest of The Child", which requires only the least degree of evidence it is prepondrence of the Evidence.

We like so many parents across the US today are being false accused on things we never did.

My life has never been the same since GayLord Finch Jr, Fairfax County DSS interfere with our lives. I am in a virtual time lock and I live over and over that day when Finch made the judgement of terminating our parental rights.