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Elihu Eli El

Dear Sir or Ma’am

My name is Elihu Eli El. I currently live in Gaithersburg, MD. I can not afford an attorney. Can you help or direct me to the best group possible?

I am the father of Kaylyn Elise El. The case number is DV-2000-5967 out of Judge Gray’s court of Pulaski County, AR. I love my daughter. She motivates me to strive to achieve more than I would if she was not in my life. She is “The Kaylyn.”

I am formally requesting that this case be handed over to a different judge. I pray that this case is given to another judge. My ex-wife, Erica is not acting like someone that most courts would believe to be a reasonable person. The court assumes that she is a reasonable and outstand lady. Not all people think logically and reasonable.

While living in West Virginia, I drove 14 hours to bring Kaylyn back to Arkansas in 2003. I stopped at a hotel for rest in Illinois and visit friends and family whom have never seen Kaylyn. I called Erica in order to ask her if I could bring back Kaylyn a day later during the day. I called from the hotel. Erica stated that if I did not have Kaylyn back at home by the midnight, then she would call the police and report me for kidnapping. I did bring her back at 9:00 PM that night.

Erica knows that the court can not explicitly state all situations that we may encounter. She exercises her rights even if the action is unethical. Laws express what we have rights to do. Ethics and morals express what the right thing to do is. We all have to deal with ethical dilemmas. Prior to our divorce, Erica was prescribed Effexor, which is a drug given to manic and bi-polar depressant patients. I believe that Judge Gray’s court is familiar with complex philosophical and ethical issues.

I took off work during the week of Thanksgiving 2003. I drove 14 plus hours to Arkansas to spend the holiday with family. I arrived that Monday and had planned to see Kaylyn. Kaylyn was at home and Erica did not allow me to see my daughter during my visit. She stated the rules of visitation gave her the right to keep me from seeing my daughter, but it doesn’t take in consideration that I may be in Arkansas during the holiday. The long drive back to West Virginia was horrible. Most normal adults can’t imagine a grown man crying for hours at a time. Now I know by experience what my aunts meant when they would say,”…that’s a crying shame.”

This form of in-justice in modern day America is truly a “crying shame.” Lawmakers and representatives ignoring this problem is a “crying shame.” During the pre-civil rights era, many people did not believe that African-Americans were human beings. Again, “I am a human.” I have feelings. I have high aspirations. Some in society show images of African-American males lacking feelings, morals, compassion and kindness. The law stated that all men are created equal, but what actually occurs greatly differs from the intent of the law. What is actually occurring greatly differs from the intent of the court.

I flew into town a day before Christmas. She knew that I was coming in town to see Kaylyn. It was designated by the divorce decree that I see Kaylyn Christmas of 2003. Erica intentionally departed to Hot Springs Christmas morning without calling and letting me know. I met with Little Rock police officers at her apartment. She was in Hot Springs visiting her in-laws and had taken Kaylyn with her on approximately 7:30 AM Christmas morning.

My mother passed away when I was only 12 years of age. I am the parent that my mother would be to me. My mother lived a short time on Earth without taking a simple two-week vacation. I want to take that two-week vacation for her. She did not own a house. I will buy a house someday. In Nehemiah chapters 3 through 4 explains how he built the walls. He remained determined while evil people wanted him to stop.

Sir or Ma’am I am determined for Kaylyn to be the best that she can be. I am determined to love my daughter and be in her life. Erica’s actions reflect that she is not saved. Some people call it ethics, but I call it salvation. The existence of salvation is contingent upon there being some sort of unsaved state from which the individual is to be redeemed. She acts as if she in not saved. Salvation will not allow Erica to do some of the things that she does. She has caller ID and does not answer the telephone leaving me to go days without talking to Kaylyn. She goes out of town and does not let me know who is taking care of Kaylyn.

The justice system that supported the segregation of African-Americans is the same justice system that gives her the right to throw salvation out the window and do as she does. The people elect judges whom reflect the ideas and norms of society.

I need to communicate dates and times to Erica and she does not want to speak to me over the telephone. She does not readily return telephone calls to my relatives. I called her yesterday in order to discuss Kaylyn’s health coverage. My insurance does not cover her in Arkansas. Erica refuses to talk to me and hangs up in my face. No one likes to be hung up on when they are just trying to do what is right. My Aunt Winnie immediately called her afterwards and Erica refused to answer the phone. She immediately and rudely asked me why I was calling her and stated that she would not have answered to phone if the caller ID would have shown that the call was from me. These are not the actions of a saved person.

After school, my daughter simply looks at TV and plays with her playstation. The amount of child support that I pay is excessive for a child whom is not active in any activity outside of school and does not have her own bedroom as contrary to what Erica said before the court in February. Based on my daughter’s unique situation, I requested that my child support payment reflect Kaylyn’s actual child expenses.

Prior to picking up Kaylyn at McDonald’s, I asked Erica not to allow her husband Jeffrey Bryant to make the exchange with Kaylyn. I had spoken to both Jeffrey and Erica at 10:00 AM while they were in Hot Springs and Jeffrey stated that he would bring her back when he got good and ready. He makes gestures and tries to insult me in order to cause a physical fight to occur. We met at McDonald’s at 7:30 Christmas night and he stepped out of the car with Kaylyn and pushed her to me. He began to be verbally offensive in a futile attempt to cause a physical confrontation. The police officer had to physically jump between us to keep us separated. He showed up the next night and the same thing occurred. Meanwhile, Erica did not attempt to exit his vehicle. She wants evil things to happen. There are report numbers for the Christmas weekend confrontations with Jeffrey Bryant right in front of my daughter. Little Rock Police department numbers: 03-1601816 & 03-1611202. I should not be forced to deal with this guy in order to see my daughter.

What has she got to lose? She wants me out of Kaylyn’s life by all cost. On 14DEC03, I was told by my Command Sergeant Major to pack up and immediately report to my unit in order to leave for Iraq. The first thing I did was call Kaylyn. I could not keep back the tears. I told Erica what I was just told and her she responded with,” what that have to do with me.” That really hurt. I had a cousin to get killed in Iraq as well as a soldier from my former unit. I was blessed and ETSed the following month. She sent Kaylyn to me with very little clothes. She packed her only pair of Sunday shoes as mixed matched, so I bought her new shoes and other clothes. She does not answer any of my questions relating to Kaylyn. What does she have to lose? Just being evil.

I request that we conduct telephonic review and adjustment hearing in order to expedite the review and adjustment process and avoid hearings if possible. “The people” don’t want this activity rewarded by any court. My ex-wife has conditioned Kaylyn to say,” Mama said that if I can’t answer a question, then it’s not going to be answered.” That is some sick psychological stuff that no 8 year old should be forced to repeat.

During the two months that I kept Kaylyn the following occurred:
I paid for her day care and day camp;
I paid for both of our flights;
I paid 100% child support;
I paid for her gymnastics and dance classes.
Although I have paid over $400.00 per month in health insurance covering both Kaylyn and myself, Kaylyn has never been taken to a doctor or dentist until I had her examined by a doctor last summer and a dentist this past summer. I paid this in addition to $700.00 of child support each month.

We both enjoyed her gymnastics and dance classes. All her mother seems to do is place her in front of the TV or playstation. I pray that the court consider my financial contributions in determining future child support. Her mother and step-father barely work. There are 3 other children in their home. Kaylyn shares a room with the twins.

How can anyone come to the decision that it is in Kaylyn’s best interest that she remains with her mother? Outside of the court system and in the “real world,” I have asked many people this question. There has not been a single human being to express that my daughter is better off living in her current conditions with her mother.

I reference the Administrative order number 10 of the Arkansas child support guidelines from the Supreme Court of Arkansas opinion that was delivered January 22, 1998, there is a section that covers deviation considerations. I ask that the court rebut presumption that the amount of child support calculated by the Family Support Chart. It is sufficient in my case to rebut the presumption that the amount of child support calculated is not appropriate. There is strong and common sense justification to veer from the Family Support Law. I have to pay thousands of dollars just to see my daughter and when I do, I have to endure insults and harassment. Kaylyn is covered by my insurance, but my insurance caters to people near the Mid-Atlantic east coast. She has not told my Aunt Winnie if Kaylyn is covered by family coverage nor is she capable.

The initial divorce is very generic. Generic rules are useless when dealing with one party that is acting unreasonably. Although many situations we encounter would be worked out with common sense, Erica repeatedly uses the wording of the divorce decree to unfairly take advantage of her position. If it benefits her, she discusses the matter. If the situation would benefit Kaylyn or me, she may hang up in my face or say that it's not in the divorce decree. I believe that mothers should have some special considerations, but she should not be allowed to abuse the system at the cost of others.

My rent is $925.00 per month. The average one bedroom exceeds $1000.00. I am here for work. The right thing to do is to subtract my work expenses prior to setting child support. Access rent amount due to rent in Northern Virginia is $400.00. One hundred dollars should be subtracted from my income for one week prior to applying any child support rules. Ma’am $60,000 is barely making it for Northern Virginia. I tried looking for a job in Arkansas with little success.

Some people exercise the premise of separation of church and state when it is convenient for them. Erica abuses the wording of the decree when it is convenient to her. I have spoken to local political figures as well as the clergy and they all can't believe that someone can be assumed to be a reasonable and logical parent by doing these things. I am planning to attend a Black Caucus event two weeks from now and I will find out what measures need to be taken to discourage people like Erica from abusing the law.

During the last trial before Judge Gray’s court, the matter of Kaylyn being kicked out of her bedroom to let her new husbands 15 years old boy live in her room. I have not met a single person alive that was not strongly disturbed by that decision. I am disgusted by the gross negligence of Judge Gray’s court not professionally address the issue. Erica responded by stating that she was going to buy a house. This implies that she is going to provide a bedroom for Kaylyn. She bought the house using the access money from my child support and she still does not have her on room.

My God, what is really going on? Do have something personally against me? Is Judge Gray trying to balance the discrimination gap between women and men? Does Judge Gray feel that many men get away with so much that she should balance injustice at Kaylyn’s and my expense?

I paid Steven Davis $1500.00 in order to address these issues. He obvious deceived me. Immediately following the decision of Judge Gray’s court, Mr. Davis said that he did not want to represent me. If I had known that child support was the only issue that would have been addressed then I would have saved my flight expenses, attorney fees, and vacation trip by simply faxing in my pay stubs. I filed a complaint, but no legal wrong doing was found by the state.

I have not met anyone whom does not believe that Erica is acting morally. I pray that the Lord uses me as a medium for His will. Judge Gray graciously allows the court to be used by Erica as a medium of immorality, hatred, confusion, and oppression.
I gave her my car with the intent to provide her transportation. That was just the right thing to do. I gave her all furniture, because it was the right thing to do. I have proven myself to practice ethics. She discontinued making payments on the car. I did not find out about this until 7 months after her last payment. I had gone to Sherwood Pontiac to buy a New Pontiac Vibe and that is how I was alerted. It was 7 months past due and there was only two payments left to make. Judge Gray’s court supports this type of unethical activity by rewarding people like Erica and causing hardship for people like me.

Was that right for her to do this? She sold the car and did not split the money with me. I made the down payment. She was the primary driver. What does Erica think that the RIGHT thing for her to have done after selling it? She should have at lease paid me back for half the down payment and paid me back for the last to car payments. That incident ruined my credit, but Judge Gray’s court doesn’t care about that. Judge Gray only care about what is on the law books.

I received $15000 in student loans during my 4 ½ year education at UCA. I received $20000 during just 2 years at UALR. The tuition is less at UALR. Most of the money went towards the household and Judge Gray said that she only had to pay back $6000 and she has not even paid a dime of that. Over the next ten years, she will get over $80,000 of tax free income through child support and she still hasn’t paid a dime of the 6000. Judge Gray based the $6000 opinion on Judge Gray’s common sense, but stood firm with the traditional rulings on other issues that made common sense to rule otherwise. Judge Gray’s opinions reflect that she exercises a peculiar agenda that concerns me as an outstanding citizen and moral Christian.

I reside in Maryland and should be governed by the laws of this state.
The website is in order to address the guidelines. My child support amount should be based on Maryland law, but enforced by Arkansas. I shouldn’t have to risk $1500 dollars and throw $500.00 away for plane tickets every time Erica asks like Erica. I paid for transcripts of the February trial over a month ago and still haven’t received the transcript. Judge Gray’s court takes advantage of me residing out-of-town and that I have limited funds. Based of the United States Constitution, I did not receive a fair trial. I was not judged by my peers was I given the opportunity to present my case.

I am determined for my daughter to be the best person she can become. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was determined to influence positive change in the justice. I am determined to influence positive change in the justice system. I say again…Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was determined to influence positive change in the justice system. I am determined to influence positive change in the justice system.

The mentality of Judge Gray court is a direct reflection of what the courts practiced prior to the civil rights acts. Just because it is the current law does not mean that it is the right thing to do. Judge Gray’s court has proven that there has been change for good, but most things remain the same. I have written her a letter. She called me back and informed me that she did not even read the letter. I do no believe that the letter was filed. I would like my case assigned to any other judge besides Judges Gray and Proctor.

Being from Little Rock, I have gained a sense that we all know each such as those from small towns. It is common knowledge and / or rumor that Judge Gray’s decisions are often biased and tend to lack common-sense. She applies “common-sense” when it supports her personal agenda. I am a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and she is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and my mother was a member before she died at just 40 years of age and I at 12 years of age…What have I done to deserve this mistreatment?

Why is she treating me so unjustly? I spend my own money to pay for court expenses. I mailed my current pay stubs to the court and Judge Gray informed me via telephone that I would have to file a motion, send it to my ex-wife and go through courtroom procedures to accurately adjust my payments. In the meantime, she issues another order for my new employee to deduct support from my current paycheck. She made a new order without my knowledge. Erica uses my extra child support for her attorney, so she has nothing to lose.

I just went to court this past February and now I am forced to go to court again. I have been blessed to get a new job, but I am making $12,000.00 less income and paying $900.00 per month in rent. I have written this in a letter appealing to Judge Gray. Courtroom decisions should not be based on who you know or biased by personal prejudices and demons. I should not have to be a member of the upper class socio-economic elite African-American group in order to receive equal rights. I am tired of this and The People should know about this unethical activity by her court. Her form of due process of law reflects that of some unethical judges towards African-Americans prior to the civil rights era. Ladies have equal rights and with those rights come equal responsibility. She is taking the equal rights movements for both ladies and African-Americans back 50 years.

How long will you allow this very brutal abuse of authority to continue? She is an elected official and we have spoken on the phone and I have been offensively hung-up on. Nobody would expect to be rudely hung-up on by a publicly elected official. During our last telephone conversation, she stated that I have violated a court order. I kindly told her that I have no knowledge that I had done this and asked what order that I had violated. She said that she didn’t know the order and when I expressed interest in pinpointing the problem, she repeatedly said in a loud distasteful way, “I AM TERMINATING THIS CONVERSATION, I AM TERMINATING THIS CONVERSATION, I AM TERMINATING THIS CONVERSATION…”

I have also served the public. I am a former Law Enforcement officer for The State of Georgia. I have served 12 years in the US Army Reserve receiving an honorable discharge. I am currently working for a Department of Defense contractor. I know what it means to sacrifice. I know what it means to be a soldier. The systems that I help develop for my employer enable the military to coordinate thousands of air combat sorties a day, command and control hundreds of thousands of ground troops theater-wide, and collect and analyze intelligence data from elements at sea, on the ground, in the air and in space.

I can not afford an attorney and need your help with the following: I need a new judge, I want joint custody of my daughter based on the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction (UCCJA), I want child support to be determined correctly and fairly, I want my daughter to continue extracurricular activities outside of school.

Thank you Sir or Ma’am.

Feel free to call me as you see fit. I may be reached by the information below:
El, Eli
303 North Summit Street Apt. #3A
Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Counsel for my ex-wife (Erica Celeste Bryant):
Wamble, Keena atty.
221 West Second
Little Rock, AR 72201

Office of the Court:
Pulaski County Courthouse
Twelfth Division
401 W. Markham Suite 350
Little Rock, AR 72201