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David T. Watson II

Hello. My name is David
This is my story, in a time line form.
July 4th, 2006: Debra McCown and myself move from Ashburn Virginia, where we both rented rooms in a townhouse, to Abingdon Virginia.
Aug 23, 2006: Debra files for a protective order against me to get me out the house at the advice of her friend.
Sept 2006: A permanent protective order was denied in J&DR Court.
Oct 19 2006: In an appeal of the protective order was approved by Judge Lowe in General District Court after testimony from her friend whom I never seen before that day in court and a hidden tape recording.
Oct 2006: She files assault and battery charges against me stating in the report to the magistrate in august 2006 I was swatting at an fly with a closed fist and it scared her.
Nov 8th, 2006: She files a report of violation of a protective order after seeing me a crossed a parking lot out side of my work stating my stance and glare made her fear for her life... while she is in a 4wheel drive dodge 200 feet away.
Jan 3 2007: The violation of the protective order was dismissed in J&DR court Jan 23, protective order review continued.
March 13, 2007: Assault and battery charges are all dismissed by a J&DR judge.
March 25th, protective order review. the judge ordered mediation in regards to our unborn child. We agreed to a no contact order except about the child and that she would contact me "in a reasonable time" of the child's birth and that I would get visitation.  she waited over 40 hours before calling me.
Sun April 8th, 2007: My daughter was born at 3am Easter morning.
Mon April 9th, 2007: 8am Debra electronically files the birth certificate with her last name and father unknown.
April 9th 11:30am: after the birth certificate, Debra leaves a message on my home phone, knowing I am at work.
April 9th, 2007 8:30 pm (42 hours later): I find out my daughter was born. I have to beg to see her at the hospital and then I have not seen her since.
April 10th, 2007 I filed for custody and a name change.
April 11th, 2007 I applied for a DNA test.
Aptil 27th, J&DR court judge said he can't rule until we finish in upper court and continues the case. I get to see my daughter for 1 1/2 hours twice a week of supervised visits.  I go to court for custody on Friday June 19th, 2007.  Please forward to anybody who may be able to help me. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
David T. Watson II
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