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Bill Flores - Oakville, Ontario

I was the primary care and love giver for my two daugthers, then 5 and 2-1/2 years of age, while their mother was doing some university studies. Shortly after she graduated she took off with the children from Barrie to Etobicoke. She was allowed to keep the proceedings in her jurisdiction, contrary to law.

Then, she started to deny the meager access that the courts gave us, which traumatized one of my daughters. I picketed her home demanding access. I got my access but also a restraining order that forvided me to picket in an "shape or form". I took that the restraining order was between my ex and myself, not against my and society, thus I picketed in front of the court house, which got me charged with harassment of her, not of society.

The meager access of Saturday morning to Sunday evening every two weeks, was nevered changed in spite of my efforts. My children never had summer time vacation or Christmas holidays. They became alienated from me and the rest of my family, most members of whom they have never met since they don't live in the area. My children have grown to be self-centre, which is only natural since it is way to protect themselves. I still get to see them, each time less often.