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Anthony Aragon

I recently had to spend 10 days in jail actually 60 days with 50 suspended. While drop-off one weekend with my children I lost it when the step-father used the word pussy "said to me" in front of my 6 year old doughter. This was done intentionally. I was charged with Assult/Battery on a family member 2 years probation.  

My ex-wife has left me for another man gets $1200 a month for two children. Me nothing but the pain knowing that I am losing my mind.  

Thanks to the court & the cost of my support I can't even afford to defend myself. In the mean time I am losing my close close relationship that I had with my children.

Freedom means nothing to me since I have none.  

I have lost everything & how to feel  

The pain I feel everyday knowing that my doughter lives with these losers has me really wondering if the American court system really only cares just about money.

Very sick system, I feel it will come back to bite us in the next decade if all don't do something.