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Dear <removed>

My name is <removed>.  I am <removed>'s MOTHER. 

REBECCA <removed>, Ryan is <removed>'s STEP MOTHER and at present her primary caregiver.  Rebecca was convicted of Felony sex offense in January of 2005, for Having sex with her 15 yr old student in her home, while giving alcohol and cigarettes to two other boys who waited in the front room while their teacher had sex with their friend. She was given an 8 year suspended sentence, three years probation. She pleaded guilty in return for a lesser sentence. She was not convicted until she had moved from SC to Virginia with her officer Husband and my child.  She had just given birth to a baby girl, who was conceived in February of 2004 around the time of her arrest.  Just 5 weeks after her conviction Rebecca went to Quantico Middle/High School for a performance.  Under Virginia state code, Convicted sex offenders are prohibited for being on School campuses.  This was a violation of her probation. we spoke of this incident directly when Rebecca fell through the cracks last year. Due to the fact that Rebecca was already relocating to California when the violation was discovered and cited in the paperwork, she received no punishment. 

Rebecca feels that she is above the guidelines laid out in her probation.  She walks onto an elementary school campus everyday and participates in school functions.  She hosts birthday parties for children in her home. She regularly goes to parks and the like.  Most recently and publically, she  violated her probation on Halloween, October 31st, 2006.  During a sweep made by Law enforcement.  Rebecca was found in violation of several terms of her probation as well as SC and CA state and local laws. She had taken the girls trick or treating, she was handing out candy, she had decorations up, She was drinking alcohol.   My daughter was home and in Rebecca sole care during the time of the sweep.  To say the least the event was frightening and confusing to my daughter. She doesn't understand why police in riot gear were in her home, asking her step mother to empty her pockets and put her hands behind her back.  She is hurt that noone comes to her door for Halloween.  She doesn't understand why she cannot give out candy at her house.  She was afraid to move when the police were in her kitchen.  <removed>'s father was out of town for Military training on Halloween.  Rebecca is left unsupervised with these children.  This cannot be left to stand.  This is a slippery slope.  How many times do violations have to happen before someone will stand up to protect our children.  My daughter has been left unsupervised with someone who is exhibiting a dangerous trend of volatile behavior.  Becca was not immediately arrested for her violations because she was convicted in another state, but has a pending court date to explain her actions.  She has exhibited her inability to control her addictive behavior repeatedly and my child cannot be left to lie in wait for a tragedy to occur, while the slow arm of the law drags its feet and goes out of their way to protect the criminal, while the victims, including children, their parents, and the future victims of the boy she violated are left defenseless.  I am asking you to please make sure that all agencies and professionals in California and in South Carolina are well informed of the situation regarding Rebecca <removed>.  She is showing increasing signs of instabilitiy and inability to control her behavior and the fate of two young children, and who knows else hang in the balance.  She cannot be allowed to slip through the cracks again.

This story made the evening news.  Please see link below

Please view the video, and news story as they will corroborate what I have reported, as will the report for violations that should be filed with the courts in your state.  The video names Rebecca 


Sex Offender Sweep
Published: 10/31/2006 9:42:35 PM

San Diego Police spent Halloween night contacting close to fifty registered sex offenders that are out on probation. Probation rules do not allow the offenders to decorate their houses, or hand out candy to trick-or-treaters

Each team of officers visited sex offenders with a variety of offenses, but they found few who were in violation of their probation. Most followed directions, and were not at home on Tuesday night. One man convicted of buying child porn even placed "caution" tape through his walkway, to discourage kids from trick-or-treating.

At a house in Pacific Beach a former teacher convicted of having sex with her young student was found breaking a number of rules. The woman was convicted in another state, so she was not arrested, but instead ordered to appear in court.