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Divorce Appeal

I was spite a good husband and father but unfortunately that is irrelevant in Virginia Courts (kind of a cross between a witch hunt and a human cockfight. My Wife Admitted to Adultery. I submitted a recording of my wife and her therapist both agreeing that she had "uncontrollable rage". I submitted a letter from my wife admitted her anger is what hurt our relationship. We both agreed with lived together in the house until June 2003. Yet somehow the Judge decided that neither her uncontrollable rage or adultery mattered and ruled our marriage dissolved due to financial trouble and that we were separated 6 months before she moved out of the house.

Even with my wife admitted to engaging in sex, and my having submitted photos to document Igor Bakhir sleeping at her apartment and her sleeping over at his, the Judge said I hadn't proved adultery. If the Judge won't believe her testimony under oath that she committed adultery why does he believe her other statements that help her case. Its clear to me the Judge simply didn't want to rule against her.

I'm sure that if it had been me, a man, who committed adultery, had uncontrollable rage, proven acts of domestic violence, filing a false child abuse claim, the grounds of divorce would not have been one year separation and the Judge wouldn't have felt it necessary to back-date the separation.

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