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Letter to Carol Marchant
Assistant Division Counsel for Fairfax County Public Schools

From: Liam's Dad
Date: June 14, 2006 6:53:22 AM EDT
To: Carol Marchant
Subject: FCPS slander

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June 14, 2006

Carol Marchant
Assistant Division Counsel
8115 Gatehouse Rd
Falls Church, Virginia 22042-1203

Ms. Marchant,

Your letter of June 2, 2006 alleging that I am a threat to the safety of FCPS students and staff is libelous and slanderous. I hereby demand an immediate public apology or I will defend my good name in a Cause of Action against Fairfax County and FCPS as appropriate.

Note the action I will pursue for libel will be a separate lawsuit then the one I will file for the school continuing to deny my handicapped son the ability to have his father participate in his school events as required by Virginia State law 22.1-4.3.

You should be advised that Ms. Richards, my son's teacher at the time, has twice testified that I did not act inappropriately when I attended my son's class party in June 2005. In fact she went so far as to testify (with a court reporter present) that she didn't even really notice me because I did nothing to attract attention.

You should also be advised that Jack Dale has made several previous written statements defending the actions of Roger Vanderhye by stating the issue was with the court orders, as we can see from your letter after the court order changed, the real issue is FCPS staff choosing to take sides in a custody case and honoring the request of my wife to deny me access in spite of state law and district policy that requires them to ignore her request and provide equal access at school.

It is grossly improper for FCPS to be taking sides in a custody case, or making up libelous and slanderous statements in an effort to justify its gender prejudice and politics. Such actions not only emotionally harm my disabled son but jeopardize FCPS state and federal funding.

FCPS should focus on properly educating my son and complying with relevant federal and state laws rather than pursuing its own misguided political agenda, doing so would allow FCPS to spend its tax dollars on education instead of lawsuits.

For those who I've sent copies of this letter, the text of Ms. Marchant's letter can be viewed here:

You can also read/listen more about the issue here:

Should an public apology not be made by Saturday June 17th, I will take not only legal action but will organize public protests to make sure the public is informed of the gender prejudice of FCPS.

Please advise me by Saturday June 17th, if FCPS would like to come up with a plan to ensure compliance with its own guidelines and state law to provide equal access to non-custodial parents before or after I contact federal and state agencies about your lack of compliance and its impact on your funding. You may wish to contact VDOT about me before making your decision as they had some compliance/funding issues that I helped them with just as I'm now offering to help FCPS.


Wesley Smith
Liam's Dad - Wesley Smith

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