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Igor spending the night with wife and Liam in her one bedroom apartment

Photo's taken from video show Igor Bakhir's car and my wife's car both parked at her apartment complex on the same night. The images also show there are no lights on inside or outside her apartment until Mr. Bakhir leaves, then both the inside and outside lights are on. Since this was a night she had Liam, she was exposing him to her adulterous behavior. Ms. Smith isn't exactly teaching Liam good moral standards.

Igor Accord 11:20pm

Igor Accord plate

Cheri Smith's CRV plate

No lights on in ONE bedroom apartment with Liam there too. 12:09am

Igor Accord plate 12:42am

Cheri CRV plate 12:44am

Igor Accord plate leaving 1am

Exterior light on (was off before Igor left) 1am

Interior light on (was off before Igor left) 1am